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NutriFit40 is your alternative weight loss and wellness destination; conveniently located in Safety Harbor community in Clearwater, Florida. We are here to help you lose weight and improve your overall health on every level. One of the most obvious indicators of your current health is your weight.  At NutriFit40, our experts will help you lose weight naturally and give you the support you need to take back control of your life, your body, and your happiness.

Whether you’re suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, or simply don’t feel like yourself anymore, we will work with you to lose weight and focus on your personal goals to get in shape and stay healthy. At NutriFit40, you will discover life changing and transformational habits during this 40 day nutritional, balancing weight loss program. We strongly believe in 40 days because it is transformational and biblical. 

Our mission is to help you lose weight loss fast with optimum coaching so that you can continue to live a healthy, free, and happy lifestyle.

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Dr. Maria Shelton N.D., D.N.M

Dr. Maria has had a lifelong interest in weight loss and wellbeing, dating back to her teenage years. She decided to pursue her passion in weight loss, which catapulted her career in Naturopathy. She is dedicated to her clients and driven by her passion for coaching people to lose weight and achieve their goals. She is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and has tremendous knowledge in natural foods and its nutritional interaction to the body. She has used her experience of coaching weightloss for over 5 years, and having coached over 6000 clients from every walk of life- including Hollywood celebrities! Her knowledge of natural health, nutrition, and wellness helps her clients lose weight safely and improve their overall health and wellness naturally. In her free-time, Dr. Maria Shelton enjoys researching nutritional and natural wellness techniques- an organic endeavor for new healthy food options and trends in the medical weight loss profession.

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Stevie Wonder at NutriFit40 Weight Loss Clinic
Stevie Wonder at NutriFit40 Clinic

American singer-songwriter and musician Stevie Wonder is among the many who have shared their world renown success with NutriFit40 weight loss providers.  In recent years, Wonder has been working on his health by focusing on his weight. Mr. Wonder, then in his 60’s, wanted to lose weight and keep it off without sacrificing his health.

Interview With doctor Maria Shelton Nutrifit 40
Dr. Maria Shelton Live News Interview

“Weight management is not more difficult for older persons, contrary to popular belief,” Dr. Shelton explains. “New research gives older folks hope for reaping the health benefits of maintaining a healthy weight.  No matter what your age, you can lose weight – and we can help.”

(Source: MedicalNews Today)

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