The NutriFit40 fat loss program is aimed to help Tampa Bay locals in getting back in shape, losing weight, and feeling great while at it. NutriFit40 is tailored to fit any schedule, from those whose busy lives and sacrifices have caused them to put their wellness plans on hold to those who simply want a quick and easy approach to lose weight without making huge lifestyle changes or nibbling cardboard weight loss bars. 

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The program is intended to encourage healthy eating habits so that you can achieve your ideal body weight without feeling hungry during the program so that by the time you’ve reached your goal you can set even bigger and better goals in life without worrying about the weight coming back. 

Dr. Maria Shelton has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals with her personalized treatment approach. That’s because the NutriFit40 program tackles weight loss from a wellness perspective, treating the whole individual instead of just a condition. You’ll benefit from expert nutrition advice, cutting-edge technology, and physical activity recommendations from Dr. Shelton and her amazing team at NutriFit40 in Clearwater.

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During your first appointment, Dr. Maria Shelton can answer all your questions, assess your current physical health, and show you how NutriFit40 has become a revolutionary program that will seamlessly fit into your busy daily life.  She is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and has tremendous knowledge in natural foods and its nutritional interaction within the body.  Join the thousands of Floridians in Tampa Bay who have already reached their weight loss and wellness goals thanks to Dr. Maria and the NutriFit40 program!

How NutriFit40 Weight Loss Program Works

It can be difficult to take the initial step in a weight-loss program, but we will be there for you every step of the way.  Preparing for your body transformation with NutriFit40 involves three easy and fun to follow steps. 


Get setup with your first no-stress body positive weight loss clinic appointment at NutriFit40 in Clearwater by calling or requesting an appointment online using our contact form.


Meet with one of our doctors or highly trained health coaches to discuss your weight loss goals while completing your confidential weight loss and wellness profile at the NutriFit40 clinic in Clearwater.


You' can start your program right away, and you'll get everything you need to begin your weight loss journey at our NutriFit40 clinic, including the confidence and motivation you need to hit the road running.