Are you ready for a non-invasive, non-surgical, clinically-proven solution for weight reduction?

Then, say hello to invisa-RED™!

invisa-RED™ is the only FDA-approved device proven to help patients lose weight, eliminate fat, and cut inches from the waistline. That means you’ll not only see a drop on the scale, but also a boost in your body’s contouring, with no surgery required!

Schedule your invisa-RED™ treatment sessions today, and you’ll enjoy:

Weight loss
A slimmer, more sculpted figure
Reduced appearance of cellulite
Reduced appearance of stretch marks
Tighter skin

Over 60,000 patients have experienced the amazing results of invisa-RED™ treatments, with over 1 million total pounds lost!

How does invisa-RED™ offer so many benefits that used to only be available to patients willing to go under the knife? Well, it’s all in the science behind this innovative technology.

invisa-RED™ stimulates cellular respiration, lymphatic function, and metabolism by applying specific frequencies of both red and infrared laser light to the treatment area. This light heats up adipose tissue deep under the skin and increases blood flow to the area, promoting photobiostimulation of your cells’ metabolism. As a result, the body begins a few different processes:

Converting fat cells into Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides cells with energy
Amplifies collagen and elastin production
Enhances waste and toxin elimination via hemoglobin

Treatment times with invisa-RED™ are pleasantly short, but the fat burning effects last for hours after! Studies have shown that the post-procedure fat burning effects are similar to doing high intensity exercise and strength training.

The Low Level Laser Diodes, used as a light source for the procedure, have been proven safe and effective without any adverse side effects. invisa-RED™ will cause no damage to any cells or tissues and does not have a risk of infection, which is completely unheard of with invasive procedures such as surgery!

invisa-RED™ is so quick, usually around 15-20 minutes, you can get a treatment on your lunch hour and be back to work without anyone being the wiser! No recovery or downtime is required, giving invisa-RED™, once again, a major advantage over surgical procedures.

If you want impressive weight, fat, and inch loss without the risks of surgery, invisa-RED™ is a great option. Consult with your medical and aesthetic professional today about whether or not invisa-RED™ is right for you!

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