This may come as a surprise, but there’s more to weight loss than just diet and exercise. Genetics play a huge role in determining our body shape, fat stores, and how easy it is for us to lose weight. But there’s probably something about the genetics of weight loss that you don’t realize… race matters.

At least one study has proven that African-American women lose less weight than their Caucasian counterparts when doing the same activities and ingesting about the same amount of calories. The study speculates that since African-American women have a lower resting heart rate, their bodies are more efficient, and it takes more activity for them to burn calories. This means the calories they ingest don’t get used as fuel as often, building up as excess fat.

Another study found that Asian women are more adversely affected by small weight gains than their Caucasian or African-American peers. In fact, Asian women have double the chance of developing Type 2 diabetes when at the same BMI as Caucasian women. African-Americans are the least affected by excess weight and are not considered obese until their BMI reaches 32, in contrast to 30 for Caucasians and under 30 for Asians.

A review of studies conducted in 2020 found that these disparities in weight loss among the different races become more prominent as we age. 

You can’t change your genetic makeup or race, but you can educate yourself on how your genetics affects your body and health, and then make good choices for your specific situation. By knowing the obstacles ahead, you can be well prepared and more successful. 

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