As we age, our bodies go through a wide variety of changes. One of the most frustrating things that many people experience while aging is weight gain that is difficult to lose. There are several factors that contribute to this change, including:

Loss of lean muscle

Lean muscle loss is a normal effect of the aging process. Since lean muscle burns more calories than fat, and you have less lean muscle, your entire metabolism slows down. This makes it easy to pack on some extra pounds just by eating the exact same things you ate a few years before.

Hormone changes

Women between the ages of 45 to 55 are in the prime time for weight gain due to a sharp drop in estrogen during menopause. This causes extra fat to accumulate in the torso, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Men also lose testosterone as they age, which helps regulate fat and muscle distribution, leading to more fat accumulation.

Sedentary lifestyle

Another metabolism killer is the sedentary lifestyle that often results from getting older. Whether it’s due to joint pain, disease recovery, or injury, older adults simply spend more time sitting down, which encourages weight gain. Following a reputable weight loss plan, like Nutrifit 40, with a physical activity component, is a great way to combat the inactive lifestyle.


Our body’s ability to handle stress declines as we age, and enduring stressful situations can really make the pounds pile on and stay there. Middle-aged and older adults typically have full careers and lots of responsibilities, leading to lots of daily stress, less activity, and erratic eating schedules.

If aging has caused you to gain weight that you can’t seem to lose, we can help! Nutrifit 40 offers innovative treatments and a wellness-based weight loss plan, helping you shave away those age-related extra pounds. Contact us today to schedule your Nutrifit 40 consultation.

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