Losing weight is no easy feat, and for some people, it seems downright impossible. No matter what some people do, without medical intervention, they’ll probably never be able to lose excess fat and shed pounds. If any of the following statements apply to you, seek the assistance of a medical professional today to start a medically-supervised weight loss plan like Nutrifit 40:

Your BMI is over 30

While the BMI, or Body Mass Index, isn’t a precise scale of your overall health, it is a helpful tool to identify people whose body fat may present a problem to their health. A BMI over 30 indicates obesity, which is a contributing factor to high blood pressure, stroke, and high cholesterol. Working with a medical professional to bring your BMI back down below 30 is advisable for optimal health.

You’ve tried everything

Many people go through cycles of trying fad diets and trends, just to gain back all the weight they lost (and maybe plus a little extra). If you’re sick of diets that make you feel deprived, workout programs that take up tons of time and being disappointed time and time again, then we have the solution. Nutrifit 40, our wellness-based weight loss plan, is exactly what you need to get back in your best shape in no time!

You have sudden, extreme weight gain

A sharp increase in your weight over a short period of time can be caused by many things, including new medication, stress, lifestyle change, or hormone imbalance. Your doctor will know exactly what to look for to identify the cause of your weight gain and turn it around.

You don’t have to face losing weight alone. By collaborating with a medical professional with experience helping patients lose weight on the Nutrifit 40 plan, you’ll benefit from their years of experience and finally, get the weight loss results you’ve been hoping for. Contact us to schedule your Nutrifit 40 consultation today!

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